BACK2SOURCE is a continuous improvement scheme for all organisations regardless of size, sector or structure. The scheme is designed to promote continuous improvement to mitigate the risk of modern slavery in an organisation's own operations or supply chains. The scheme does not seek to state that any organisation is slavery-free as this is simply not possible. Instead, the scheme will work with businesses to assess current activities, identify potential gaps, provide support to fill those gaps and regularly review the organisation to ensure it is genuinely committed to continuous improvement and a world without slavery.  The scheme has three accreditation levels: GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND.At GOLD level, organisations will need to demonstrate and provide evidence that they are meeting the minimum standards set against the scheme's 17 core criteria. These standards have been set and tested against a number of businesses of different sizes and from different sectors. At PLATINUM and DIAMOND level, the organisation will need to demonstrate how they go above and beyond the minimum criteria and how they are committed and working proactively to continuously improve.
The scheme does not:

  • confirm that an organisation is slavery-free;
  • look at an organisation's actions at a single point in time;
  • seek to duplicate the actions and information obtained and used by an organisation such as external risk assessments, training programmes etc. which may already contribute to the organisations understanding of how it is tackling modern slavery.

However the scheme does:

  • build on activities and approaches an organisation has already taken, using evidence from risk assessments, audits etc. that have been undertaken by the organisation; 
  • encourage and promote continuous improvement; and
  • provide independent external assurance that an organisation is committed to tackling modern slavery through continuous improvement.